I challenged the notion of introducing nonsexist clauses as part of contemporary speech on the basis of an example given in the textbook for the class I’m taking; where it suggests substituting the word mankind for humankind. Human, although a gender-neutral assignment, still retains the root word man essentially the masculine assignment. In my opinion, … More Honestly 

Drops MIC (I don’t usually entertain those in the comment section. But oh when I do…)

“Ok, so how do I call you if not “blacks” (even BLM – BLACK Lives Matter)?” Let’s start off with my screen name, and then we’ll work from there. “You call as [sic] whites.” Nope… I, specifically, have not. “ ‘Their brains…’ was a figure of speech. I didn’t mean it literally.” Perhaps you should … More Drops MIC (I don’t usually entertain those in the comment section. But oh when I do…)


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Since When Charlene?!

Why do we make the mentally unstable our heroes? Our martyrs? I’m not taking about those who are a bit “eccentric” or those who genuinely rage against thevery broken machine. I mean the half-truth knowing, untactful engaging, woefully misguided of us…? They parrot a little revolutionary speak and it automatically makes them ambassador for the … More Since When Charlene?!

Now What!?!?

As if the devastation couldn’t get any worse for me… In addition to witnessing the visceral and very much alive hate being demonstrated in society as of late, I, too, found myself personally suffering a new set of trials that seemed to unrelentingly test my limits. I’ll discuss the [vastly] lesser of the two evils, if … More Now What!?!?