Not even if you say “Pretty please…?”

Mr. Fillmore,

I write regarding the requests you filed on Saturday, May 20, seeking defaults against Cody Zwieg, Jeanette Brill, Jimmy Miller, Rick Osako, and Robyn Marshall.

None of these parties is in default, and we are representing all of them.  Their appearance in the lawsuit is already a matter of record, as noted in the attached Notice of Joinder filed April 21 (and elsewhere).  All of the arguments filed in support of the pending motion to dismiss apply equally to all defendants.

Under the circumstances, there is no basis to find these parties in default.  Accordingly, we respectfully ask that you withdraw these default requests.  Please let me know if you will do so.


Eric M. Stahl | Davis Wright Tremaine LLP
Admitted in Washington & California


Mr Stahl,

If you truly believe that there is no basis for my filings, then this should be yet another matter on which you easily prevail.

Otherwise, you should probably begin drafting a defense.


Chris Fillmore


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