Down the Wabbit Hole


Yahoo news has just reported the Facebook live murder/suicide of a Thai man and his 11-month-old daughter. I need the conspiracy theorist to get on this and tell me why this is a false-flag operation that is being used to downplay the Caitlyn Jenner interview on Tucker Carlson’s show, which is also on at a new time (Bill’ O’Riley’s time slot); or the new wave of allegations against Fox News.

We have become a society that is thirsty for attention; and that thirst is taking us to the grave. On the flip side, we are also hyper-paranoid and everything seems to be something else, which is not always the case. Can we not just face the harsh reality that ever since we’ve inhereted an all-in-one production center in our pockets along with the fast-as-hell wireless connection to the world, we’ve just been able to see how messed up our neighbors really are?

So it doesn’t suprise me when I see a Cleveland killer or this son-of-a-bitch doing the absolute most for the attention of a woman, and it should not suprise anyone else. It’s not that hard to decipher, the puppet-masters don’t need to input much: We are simply fucked up.


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