Drops MIC (I don’t usually entertain those in the comment section. But oh when I do…)

“Ok, so how do I call you if not “blacks” (even BLM – BLACK Lives Matter)?”

Let’s start off with my screen name, and then we’ll work from there.

“You call as [sic] whites.”

Nope… I, specifically, have not.

“ ‘Their brains…’ was a figure of speech. I didn’t mean it literally.”

Perhaps you should probably look up the word… literally. Granted, there are such things as idioms (<—-figure of speech) maybe even sarcasm that could be extrapolated from these musings at times. However, so far you have made literal statements.

“Posting shit, exactly, that’s what the OP did, and many other people, who, based on a single video, associate only whites with violence, when clearly it’s not the case. So why be aggressive against whites?”

Haven’t been aggressive to any racial group, no less “whites.” I have, however, redirected the absurdity of many of the comments on here. Which we, as you so put it, are but ‘keyboard warriors’ anyway. (More on that to follow.)

“Or mock them?”

Haven’t mocked any racial group, no less “whites.”

“I see it’s okay to make fun of whites, but believe me, if someone would make the same comment as OP about blacks or Hispanics there would be a shitstorm in the comments.”

Actually it’s not okay to make fun of anyone, no less “whites.” It is totally gratifying at times, but still not okay. Regarding this apparent “imbalance” in the shitstorm you so mentioned… [shrug] what can I say…? Granted, there’s years of oppressive victimization that kinda, somewhat, maybe justifies this. But, yeah you’re right, that was 5000 years ago, so they should get over that. You know, the government in the US just told the original Americans that a pipeline was indeed going through their sacred land? But, yeah you’re right, that was yesterday, so they should get over it.

“I’m not the kind of person to point my fingers at other races, just because their skin color is different.”

Good for you. Consider yourself a normal person.

“For example I’m totally fine with Asians (but hate Arabs cause of recent terrorist attacks in Europe).”

Holy Fuck!!! You just literally went from super tolerant to professing a sweeping hatred for a minority within a minority. You aren’t normal… You’re a bipolar bigoted woman! (A BBW if you will, but not the delicious type.)

“If it goes for blacks, it’s not that easy FOR ME, you’re in the gray zone, some of you are ok, in my country there working, respectful blacks, but sometimes when I see those riots in US it makes me wonder: why attack innocents, burn down cars, stores etc?”

Thanks for (somewhat…?) accepting me and (some of) my tribe. You might be normal after all. You know who we should express general hatred toward that is totally sanctioned? Assholes (or as it is known as ‘assclowns’ in the UK). Assholes seem to come in all shades. Take you and your ambigu-race (idio— nevermind). You have assholes in your tribe, I have some in mine, etc. Since is a universal blight, a universal disdain for them is totally cool.

“Not to mention Africa, where I saw how they lynched people, just for thievery, to death (throwing stones, setting them on fire, riding them over with bikes – disgusting).”

Let me explain what you just literally did. You said that you witnessed one set of people, probably even from one tribe, in one city, of one country, in one instance, acting like assholes. Yet, you preface an— entire— continent. I know there’s people in Madagascar like, “Why the hell do we keep getting caught up in Mali’s shit?!?! Don’t they ignorant asses know that there’s some people in the world who apparently believe we’re a country like America, when, in fact, we’re more like South America only way cooler. Fuuuuuuuck!!!”

“About the toned down rhetoric, doesn’t it work both ways?”

No, not necessarily. I think people love to see when someone intellectually get their ass handed to them. (At least I do.)

“Are you going to tell in the face of a, for example, white person, what you think of them (negatively)? Probably no.”

Perhaps the only thing you’ve been spot-on regarding myself. Again, I have a very passionate disdain for assholes. Color is immaterial. I don’t come to definite conclusions of anyone merely based on superficialities. That’s silly. Almost almost… bigoted! I will, however, engage anyone on or off the internet in the same manner as I’m conducting business here. Why would I not?  

“On the web everybody’s a keyboard warrior, in real life they are more restrained.”

Oh, because you imply that I’m spineless in real life! Relegating myself to this argument is liken to a “I’m rubber, you’re glue” (<—- figure of speech, literally) scenario. If you’d like to believe that I am some weak assclown (<—- colorful idiom) then by all means. Yes, I’ve never given or taken a punch in my life, no less raised my voice to anyone. I’m scared of guns, knives, bombs, the police, and clowns (<—- sarcasm [but unfortunately true]).

“And I wasn’t the one to first use the “crybabies” term. The bloke above did so I responded, that’s all.”

So, your next defense is the “I didn’t throw the first punch” theory? Okay [shrug].

“I wasn’t the attacker, I was just defending my race.”

Yep, there you go. What is your race by the way?!?! That’s been bugging me for days now.

“I’m never the attacker, I don’t go randomly accusing various races of various things on videos, cause it’s pointless.”

You’re not the attacker, love. I believe you. However, you do sound a little victim-y at this point. Maybe a bit… like a crybaby…? (FULL CIRCLE COMPLETE!)

“Tell me this: do you see or you don’t see a problem with the OP’s comment?”

Sure I see a problem with their comment (if I actually took time to read it, which I didn’t. Sorry, I owed you that bit of truth). Frankly, however, the argument in its entirety is fraught with problems. I only (admittedly) picked on you because I like you sweetheart. (Remember back in primary school, when a guy smacked the shit out of you it meant that he liked you?) I take everything on YouTube itself at face value because, what the fuck?

In a minute, when I’m done playing with you for the evening, I’m going to complete homework that’s due tomorrow, spend some QT with my girls, squeeze in some Call of Duty, and maybe make sweet love to my (BBW) wife. You and every other personality on here— from the closeted racist to homosexual— will not even enter a passing thought in my head. This has been nothing more than a free-writing exercise for me. So, if anything, I thank you for that much. I do strongly encourage you to go outside, though. Not just down the block, o-u-t-s-i-d-e. Adamantly search out an Arab who isn’t the bomb (literally) and befriend them. Believe me, there are tons out there; much more than the explosive (stereo)types. Asians are okay in your book, so that’s cool. Just watch out for ones that shoot up schools, infect tube stations, generally oppress their own people, and (allegedly) test fire nukes on the 3rd of each month. And us “Africans” (or, blacks, depending on region apparently) fuck… what can I say? Wear a rosary and stay prayed up, lest you happen upon a savage…?



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