Since When Charlene?!

Why do we make the mentally unstable our heroes? Our martyrs? I’m not taking about those who are a bit “eccentric” or those who genuinely rage against thevery broken machine. I mean the half-truth knowing, untactful engaging, woefully misguided of us…? They parrot a little revolutionary speak and it automatically makes them ambassador for the rest of us? Since when Charlene?! Since when…? And then, when they inevitably die behind their flawed principle, their death is somehow the same level of “honorable” as a King or X?

You hashtag revolutarors are the e-version of those who go around the ‘hood wearing an airbrushed tee of Wee-Bay and them. Media can spin things like no other, but these cameras are unbiased. You can’t edit, CGI, or auto tune away the bullshit.

Still… My heart hurts every time I read an article…


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