On this day, three years ago…

OMG. My youngest just turned a corner. She actually said a sentence that I understood, rather than playing it off like most parents do to babes in the infancy of communication. She met me as I was coming out of the bathroom after taking a shower; trying to wash off the horrors of my 12-hour day. After a few times saying it, I finally got that she was asking me to hug her baby doll she lovingly clutched. After I gave her the hug, she then said, “Now give baby a kiss.” And I understood it! It was like watching as a Polaroid developed before my eyes. The day didn’t matter anymore. I would gladly do the whole thing again, if it meant being at this encounter once again. But, at least I had the moment. I was here… and I was happy…

Flash forward to today: on the cusp of my baby going into pre-K. She’s already been lauded as being smart, perhaps surprisingly brighter than folks expect for a kid her age. I know that she’ll make papa proud. I’m still here… And happy…


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