Micah X Johnson is not my hero… (nor should he be anyone else’s for that matter).

Micah X Johnson is not my anti-hero.

Micah X Johnson is not my enemy.

He is, strangely, a heroic figure for anyone who has ever wondered (especially those in my timeline alone who have been, more or less, selling hashtag “woof tickets”) what the epitome of being “’bout that life” looked like.

Micah X Johnson — personally, along with his actions demonstrated on this day — will undoubtedly go down in history; for better or worse.

Micah X Johnson isn’t to be celebrated, nor is he to be necessarily vilified.

Micah X Johnson isn’t to be praised inasmuch as he also isn’t to be pitied.

Micah X Johnson was a man, a young man, who’d seen enough in his short lifetime and — perhaps taking into consideration the warring ideals of a peaceful MLK contrasted by a radical Huey P. Newton, that was further compounded by the sobering disillusion of his importance/existence in relation to a country where he volunteered to serve — decided to take action.

Micah X Johnson’s actions aren’t to be repeated, nor should they be revered. Rather, they should be examined; used as a teaching mechanism for both our black and white babies.

As much as I like to believe any of what has been written (especially that last part), history has shown that the oppressor will never “get it” until they are given a profound message by the oppressed. Those of us who would rather find a “more sensible” way toward peace and understanding, are seen as “weak” and “sheepish” by the most radical of us. Having learned absolutely nothing from these atrocities, and too set in their ways to see it any other way, and filled with as much (if not, more) hatred — are grooming the next Micah X Johnson and Dylann Roof as we speak.

The lines are becoming so blurred… who is to definitively say what is the best course of action? And, while the most pragmatic of us sit and ponder that thought, eX-Men will occasionally sprout from the annals of once-obscurity and remind us that, among other things, time is of the essence.

Micah X Johnson is not my hero.

Micah X Johnson is not my anti-hero.

Micah X Johnson is not my enemy.

Micah X Johnson — as of this moment — simply just is…


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