Time is Of The Essence

Learning the law and navigating through the court system was spawned from the circumstances of my recent past. Nevertheless, I am appreciative that I not only took to it, but based on what I’ve since applied, I am prevailing through despite whatever litigative kung-fu the opposing counsel has tried to demonstrate.
The “system” counts on our inherent propensity to cave in to this oppressively skewed playing field; but it is our obligation — based upon some other of those inherent “superpowers” we also have — to resist and oppose.
Lift weights, and read a case file… is the simplest way to summarize what I am insinuating needs to be done. Ironically enough — and to tie in the whole “we killing ourselves” argument — we are being murdered in the same fashion… over the same trivial bullshit! So, whether it’s coming from outside or inside our house, it’s time to change the way this (rigged) game is being played.

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