It’s almost like a Kobayashi Maru

There’s a multi-fold war going on. And of all, I am being put to the test. My opponent(s):

  1. Crooked police drunk off their power and backed by a fraternal order who will blindingly back their every move;
  2. My own brother who would be inclined to kill me in a heartbeat over the the most trivial slight;
  3. A well-established system whose rules are inherently skewed favorably for everyone but myself;
  4. Oblivious and unapologetic benefactors of said system who keeps telling me to “get over it” because “after all, you have someone [like you] in the highest office (for two terms, no less…)”;
  5. Intellectuals from my tribe who try and rationalize away the wickedness of all of the above; mixed in with
  6. The agents of chaos, who’d rather keep shit stirred than anything else.

When I look at it from that absolutely bleak perspective, it certainly does feel like a no-win scenario I am facing. That is, of course, if I never took into consideration the second part of this fictional test-turned-analogy.

Anyone who is even remotely familiar with the Kobayashi Maru (Trekkies in the house) knows that it’s a test that results in a no-win scenario. However, it can also be described as a solution that involves redefining the problem and testing one’s character. If I look at life, as I know it, through the lens of the latter part of that definition, I then allow myself to become fearless in the face of what appears to be insurmountable, oppressing odds. These blatant, egregious, and unfortunate examples of discriminatory practices are the fuel I use to redefine who I am in relation to engaging my “no-win” scenarios.

I have become stronger and wiser with each encounter — experienced both personally and vicariously. It is now my responsibility to teach these ideals to others so that we can indeed win this un-winnable game being played.


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