One Day…

Listening to Donny Hathaway with the rain pouring down and the windows/doors open to take in the refreshing, cleansing smell. Gaia is being rather cathartic today, and I too feel like taking my “soul to the cleaners.”

As I take this gift of the present to try and create “gold from air,” and fight against the discouraging, predatory world that lay right outside my door, I smile upon receiving the serendipitous inspiration/encouragement from this fellow creative and kindred spirit. In the wishful lyric, “Someday we will all be free,” I firstly recognize that I am amidst a very affecting time for not only myself but my people and am further convicted to not simply sit idly by.

I then recall how just last night — while mindlessly scrolling the timeline of my Facebook wall (something that I promised myself never to catch myself doing) — I happened upon a video of Maya Angelo speaking with Dave Chapelle. Inasmuch as I so wanted to, at the very least, be a fly on that wall, I was content with what was shared between the two.

The most important takeaway was when Maya expressed to Dave — after he pointed out in amazement how she was alive around the time (and, as it was revealed, friends with) both Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X — about the importance of not putting any person who is deemed a significant, almost deity-like figure, so far out of reach that it makes trying to accomplish similar work and/or becoming someone of similar significance unattainable. They were just people (like myself) who were at the right place at the right time with the right message.

As I currently write this, I am then reminded of Jessie Williams’ recent shout literally heard ’round the world, and how significant it has now become in the, now, annals of time. He is the closest reference I can use of one utilizing their talents at the right place and time in order to encourage another; thus perpetuating the “waking up” we all need to do. For he is not so different from me; matter of fact, we’re a lot alike. He was an 80’s kid from the [assuming] South side of Chicago. An artistic spirit, utilizing — among other things — his refined gift for dramatic arts. His path led him away from the bullets and bedlam of the city, and ultimately toward a platform where he was able to reiterate the words of Donny, Malcolm, Martin, Maya, Dave, etc. I believe that I am marching my way toward that very place myself.

Back in full circle to this moment (and hopefully not a full digression) — a moment that, not unlike Donny’s encouraging, melodic words that have managed to transcend space and time in order to reach me at a pivotal moment in my life. I have him to credit as the catalyst for this [hopefully cohesive] meandering. Words that will undoubtedly transcend space and time before reaching that one person who needs this collection of concertedly-arranged letters.


Hello there.


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