I have submitted interrogatories to the potential witnesses for the defense. “What is that?” you may be asking? Well… It’s pretty much a level above a signed statement and a level below a deposition; a set of questions I give to opposing counsel (i.e., their witnesses) during the phase of pre-trial litigation: discovery. And, my talent to craft these questions is definitely being put to the test.

Apparently, this is supposed to eliminate the unnecessary semantics that may arise if and when I have to examine these folks upon the stand in front of an actual audience. It also locks them into an affirmative admission when confronted with irrefutable facts, which is what I’m banking on.

It seems like much of my situation lies in these nuisance nuances that I’m now shaping to work in my favor. Having one witness admit to something that would otherwise contradict another’s statement could have the defense counsel coming with some form of resolution, so I don’t take this lightly.

Still… I just want this thing to be over with. I’m my own client on a marginally-sized case and it has all but consumed me. I can just imagine what a big-time firm has to go through… It seems like one has to have almost marathon-like endurance just to maintain.

So far, though…

While most people are out celebrating their independence, I’m in here writing my way to “freedom” (hopefully), with the further hope of relinquishing myself from even thinking about this chapter in my life when it’s all done and over with.


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