New Rules

We take a moment to understand the distinction between judging and condemning

Judging is the appraisal of a person, place, or thing, which is sometimes followed by an honest and otherwise unbiased assessment of said item… good or bad.

Condemning is the purposeful, with wanton abandonment, almost always unsolicited (and oftentimes ill-researched) opinion that someone gives (probably from a place of envy or to compensate for their own low self-worth) as a [misplaced] method of getting someone to feel a certain way about their actions.

The phrase “Only God can judge me,” given by anyone nowadays, I instead hear as, “I both acknowledge and dismiss your inherent ability to demonstrate what I [wrongfully] believe as condemning me, notwithstanding the fact that I may very well be out of line. However, I reserve the right to be judged and furthermore given a pass by my Almighty Father because he knows my [sometimes super wicked] heart.”

How can we even begin to recognise taking accountability for our own actions if we don’t allow ourselves to be judged… right here and now?

Maybe we should first get out of our feelings, evict pride from the room, close our one mouth and open our two ears and eyes, as we then take in the message and messenger. After which, we decide if it’s judgement or condemnation.


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