“Alright now…!”

I didn’t watch the BET awards. But, my trusty timeline made sure to keep me abreast of the action. And apparently someone wound up making a powerful speech that effectively rendered many people to silence. Kinda like the good preachers do in (oh my, how apropos) Sunday service.

Now, a question/challenge for all of you who were “touching and agreeing” with his three-minute sermon: What are you [we] going to do about it?

Granted, it was a great and impactful message, delivered at inarguably the most perfect opportunity; but haven’t we heard this rhetoric before? I’m not trying to be a “crabby” cynic, but not only have we indeed received a person of this word, but — just like how we do after hearing such at the good ‘ol church house — come Monday morning, it seems like other than reposting or retweeting with fervor and reverence, we’ve all but gone back to our convenient BS.

Many truly have the belief that a hashtag is somehow the only and effective thing one has to do for the movement to go forth when in actuality, it takes blood, sweat, and (genuine) tears in order to lubricate this revolutionary vehicle. One of which is, among other things, in dire need of a tuneup. We are so powerful, yet are somehow (and I truly mean somehow, considering the prevalence of social media) still under the oppressive belief that we are indeed powerless. Add to that, the true cynics who not only complain from the sidelines, but actually try and curve folks that are making a true effort for change (i.e. my cousin @MinisterJap).

I, myself, will admit to saying my agreeing “Amen” to brother Williams’ speech, but I then thought to myself that this is confirming what has already been said to me. What I’ve been practicing. Proud to say that I’m on my job, with the full understanding of needing to do more as time passes and resources are gained. I’m not just some co-signing, Monday morning quarterbacking, armchair (hashtag) revolutionary. And if many of you are, this is an all-encompassing, hopefully self-assessing bit of shade I am throwing. As your brother (from another mother) this is my kick in the pants given out of love and respect.

It is my hope that for the hundreds that were in the audience last night, in addition to the thousands (millions, even) who were exposed to his words, truly take stock of their position and pick up arms if they haven’t already done so; and for those who are already in the fight, dig deeper and be encouraged, for our numbers are increasing.

His words inspired me to do more than just rock and amen. What about you…?


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