Adults do the Darnedest Things

Upon feasting on the likes of Judge Judy, Frontline, and 20/20 for the last week, my faith in humanity has plummeted. It seems as if adults will try and get away with some of the most baffling things that would be in a certain way understandable if it were a kid.

To make matters more confounding, with stone face and behind the veil of laws, we stand on our form of justification. Imperfect we are, sure; I’m taking that into account. But what I’m referring to goes way beyond our inherent fallibility.

And while I don’t want to lose my faith in humanity, we sure don’t make a compelling reason as to why I shouldn’t. I feel like Dr. Manhattan at the end of Watchmen. Maybe I will go to another planet and start a new civilization of my own…


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