Soapbox Sandcastle 

Someone posted on my Facebook wall an interesting quote:

“Always remember when you tell the truth to black people. ..they turn around and say you judging.”

It was followed by (as always and as apropos) a meme. I chuckled for a bit, quietly expressed a confirming “Amen,” and was about to like it and move on. But… it made me pause, long enough for me to recognize that this wasn’t a fleeting comment to simply just co-sign and keep it moving.

To better elaborate (and, hopefully not belabor the point) generally speaking, this seems to be the oxymoron that is the bane of our existence. To make it more twisted, you can give them a compliment, whether it’s true or not, which is a form of judgement too (right…?), but that’s somehow eaten up like sweet, diabetes-inducing candy.

While I understand there are people who send genuine shots (i.e., haters), we have to better discern who those problems are from those, whether stranger or family, are constructively criticizing in an effort to better that individual.

I made a similar, albeit more radical, statement that challenged those of whom went to their go-to deflection, “Only God can judge me.” If that were indeed true, and He was, for the sake of argument, a Supreme Court judge, then if I were made in His image, then that’d make me a small claims judge. 

Furthermore, I know fully that if I’m dishing it out, I best be ready to take it. I am. I’m not perfect, but I am willing to be accountable for my actions.

Now… having said that, can I – can we – in an effort to see us doing better, please point out the obvious free from the fear of reprisal?!?


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