For Me, For You, For We…

This blogging thing is tough.

The writing aspect isn’t, just the pomp and circumstance surrounding it, I suppose. There are things about me, very personal things, of which if I disclosed I’m sure would help a person out. However, I’m a very private person. And, no offense to anyone, but this (blogging) is viewed by me in the same self-serving vein as posting selfies.

I guess… if I just push past that, and adopt the philosophy of this, indeed, being a tool to help someone, I can contribute on a more constant basis. My one-in-a-googol space on this ol interwebs might be the voice. Is that pretentious…? God I hope not.

This is also a form of therapy for me; a form of exercise. Doesn’t have to be so hard, so technical, so wordy… I don’t have to think so much about it, and just do it. Do it for myself, for that person, for the benefit of us as a collective.

Doesn’t this thing also add validity for those that call themselves a writer…?


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