To drink from the windfall…

I say this as I look in the mirror.

Although the prospect of becoming a hundred-millionaire is definitely tempting, major factors still weigh heavy on my mind. Like, how I would have to immediately leave the state, no, the country. Why? One of the stipulations upon winning, is that you have to show your face in front of that big check, and even commit to some promotional obligations. So, just right there means that I’m not getting a night of sleep; regardless of the mansion I’d be forced to buy and be locked in, of the ultra exclusive (and perhaps even, remote) neighborhood that I wouldn’t have otherwise been welcomed into.

Furthermore, like it or not, my immediate family and anyone else that I remotely cared about had to come with me, lest they be hounded to no end for my whereabouts (or worse, taken for ransom). On that note, I’d have to make sure my number and email are not only changed but also unpublished; and no more social media in any fashion. Because the financial planners (oh, and long lost family who suddenly love me) will stay contacting me. Regardless of what anonymity I may have carved out, the media vultures will also track me for at least a year; until I either sustain them with my now very public missteps, or I did indeed fade back into relative obscurity. (However, as history has shown, no one usually “fades.”)

I guess, even still, me and my immediate family living the good life in Off-The-Grid Italy might not seem all that bad. Maybe… But then again, Biggie didn’t say “Mo money, mo problems…” for nothing. Just look at that poor lady that recently won, who keeps bailing out of jail (millions upon millions) her baby daddy? I’m sure, like many of us, she too had humble aspiraions of donating a bit of her winnings and living comfortably off the rest. There’s something to the adage, “You don’t get something for nothing.” And there seems to be something in the waters for the one who decides to drink from the windfall. Again, I say this as I sit with my own set of random numbers in my well-worn (and well-empty) wallet.

Having money would change my life, but in that case is the change really good?


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