Hopeless Way…

Social media has taken it out of me. But, I willfuly gave myself to it, so it’s really only me to blame. For the last few days, I’ve written the culmination of several chapters (or blog entries) predicated off of a series of recent events, which have obviously struck a nerve with me. Between my Facebook wall and YouTube comment sections, I’ve poured myself into a back and forth between people who were definitely on the other side of my stance. Surprisingly, they’ve been as civil as it could be, considering. Still… Between wading through the comments that I had to restrain myself from engaging in and constructing paragraphs of responses to the several plates that I was spinning, it was draining. For many reasons, it was draining. And, to a bigger picture, I don’t believe I’ve made a dent. Although people have humored me by stating that I can write, what significance has it made…? Sometimes I feel so small, so silent, so irrelevant. So hopeless.


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