How I see it…

Although the perception is that this would be a biased opinion— and at any other time you’d be right— I consider myself able to be objective enough to pass fair judgement on it; making sure to expose even when I’ve unintentionally colored outside the lines (hence the reason why I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars). This is an imperfect (liberal usage) narrative of an imperfect (literal usage) person. What started out as an über short, transformed into an easily-digestible novel. And among the way, I found myself bearing my soul in more ways that I could’ve expected. I have been told that the writing style is compared to Walt Whitman and Walt Mosley (how crazy of a dynamic is that?!) What has been written in 27 Yards… is poetry, romantic, words that, as one reader put it, “took my breath away.” I just hope to garner more readership in an environment that is inundated with writers of all walks of life.


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