Time To Call Out My “Friends”

It seems as though I have been paid lip service relating to my endeavors. For all the self-promotion and motivation I’ve given behind my work versus the amount of “likes” I’ve received for them, I would expect that the moment I put out a product of any kind it would “fly off the shelf” with no problem. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. Now, I know you all have lives, and I rightfully expect to be priority #101 on your hundred things to do, but it is absolutely disheartening when even when I offer something for free, ask for the effort of more than just a “like,” it now feels like I’m shouting in an empty room.

I don’t want to come across as sounding bitter or trying to guilt anyone into anything, but I will admit that this does define how I view people once I get to my next level (because I will be on that next level). It also gives me real insight into why many celebs are a-holes. I mean, some of them are truly jerks, and I get that. But, many of them are just jaded from all the years of BS given by people who claimed to be well-wishers and “fans,” when in reality that was clearly not the case. I’m asking you all to be like Missouri and “show me” in the most bare-minimum way possible. Don’t come out your pocket, just take it a step past passively clicking a button. Because it’s absolutely discouraging when… (let me artfully phrase this)… “items of a lesser quality” get more likes, views, downloads, and shares than those that thoughtfully create things meant to do so much more than entertain.

Everyday, I fight the urge to make a Zane-esque novel for a quick cash-in (and, now I guess I have to preface that with stating that it’s no knock to her or anyone in that lane’s hustle), and, conversely, I won’t even give the impression that I’m making American literature over here (or am I…? WHO WOULD KNOW?!), I’m just making an appraisal of what I see from this eagle-eye vantage of mine; trying as best as I can not to be in my feelings about it. I love what I do, firstly. If I never made a cent off of it… (blah, blah, blah, you know the rest). Having [partially] said that, I’d be remiss if I didn’t admit to wanting a little recognition for my efforts. If I suck, I suck. If I’m good, it’d be nice to know. However (and I’m about to be real exposing) the most deflating feeling is of one who is ignored. Now, I’m not thirsty for attention, but I am starving (artist) for acknowledgement. I believe most creative people are.

So, again my friends, at this juncture I’m humbly asking for nothing more than your valued opinion on my efforts. And, to be clear, I’m not soliciting sympathy praise or guilt currency. I’m simply challenging you to go past just a click. A few moments more of your valuable time, which I already know is an un-renewable resource. But you all have some of that “loose change” siting around. Trust me, the twerking clips’ll be there. That meme ain’t going nowhere. Whatever tea is your flavor will still be piping hot. However, as for me… I liken myself to a flower. If I’m deprived the sun or water for so long I just might not be. Food for thought…


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