Race Card

I’ve never had to pull it before in my life, but I believe that is the case. Even as I think about it, I still have an issue reconciling if it is reality or a figment of my imagination. But given the current social climate, the established history, the imbedded sentiments, slowly I am having no other way to view it. Even the connotation behind the colloquialism denotes a negative. And the fact that it on numerous occasions it has been frivolously pulled, or unnecessarily used as bait during a situation where it wasn’t even found to be a factor, it all just makes me question my moves. But, again, if I look at the variables, the people that were in play, the sheer number of my peers placed in the same box, it starts to become undeniable. And so, here we are.

I once thought that simply being young and Black in this day and age was dangerous, add a bit of intelligence to the mix and you are an actual threat. I now hear the code words between the corporate vernacular in a way I’ve never heard before. Things like “you’re very intelligent” passed though the insincere lips of a White superior is an unknown death sentence to the Black recipient. Bad as that it however, I would soon realize nothing is worse than a Black female supervisor looking to please their Daddy. Modern day Willie Lynch if I’ve ever seen it.

I was always aware of it; comedians encroached the subject matter, movies exploited it, news relishes in the stories of lawsuit claims. But when it happens to you personally… there is no other feeling, no other experience… Question is, what am I going to do about it…? I think I’ll make the intelligent move.


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