Dear Women

Please do not be upset that when demanding it to be equal across the board, you become non-sexual when it’s really important. There’s a reason why your top coming off is taboo and not a man’s. DIFFERENT IS DIFFERENT FOR A REASON!!! You’re not inferior, JUST DIFFERENT!!! When there is no erection because you’ve forced us to become desensitized via your plight, do not cry foul. A woman’s worth INCLUDES how they look, not EXCLUSIVELY. If I could analogize using nature… A bee pollinates flowers, flowers based on LOOKS. Something productive comes from it, but it is initially based on look. If a person simply sees you as an object, that is wrong. But I’ll be damned if you don’t get gussied up for some kind of reaction. Even if your gear is flip-flops, bath robe, and a scarf YOU’RE STILL A DAMN FLOWER IDIOT!!! [Note: include LOL so they can know this is part satire…]

Apparently FB wasn’t even behind your plight Women. For your boobie post was flagged as “nudity” and thus cleansed from the site. I understand the unrest, but you all seem to fail to recognize the fundamentals. A unicorn (fictional creature I know) and a clydesdale albeit are in the horseillia family, are, however, two distinct creatures. If social establishments mandate you to cover up your horn (because in this analogy, you’re the unicorn. I mean, why not? Just because there’s a prominent horn that can be construed as a phallic symbol…. Look, we can deal with semantics or just move on. Which one do you want…?) then that’s the way it is. Call it the oppression of a patriartical society, call it the unnecessary sexualization or objectification of you, OR call a spade a spade. You are made with different components that when exposed incite the respective response in your male counterpart. A response that sometimes may be unwarranted or even unintended, but what you would definitely desire when the moment calls for it. In a lot of respects, we as dudes are still cavemen; such is our cross to bear. Which is where you heroines come in. Your continued “fight” for equality will only end in your utter horror when you find on the other side of it that you are no longer desirable. Is that what you really want…?


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