I am an obsessive person. Let me recant that (although I could’ve just as easily deleted it) I have obsessive tendencies. Case in point: I remember when Happy by Pharrell Williams came out. Now, I’m not the one to hop on trends, but when that song made its way into my subconscious, I was done. I believe iTunes has it at over 250 times I’ve played it. I didn’t watch Breaking Bad when it initially aired, but oh did I do a marathon of that show as if I were going for a Guinness record… It’s good when it’s good, you know the rest… Peter Gabriel is now on my radar. I remember hearing what I would believe as one of his more popular songs as a wee lil one, seeing what was at the time ingenious and creative stop-motion music video associated with it, which had, no doubt, left an impression on my brain.

Seeing and hearing it with new, mature eyes and ears brings, obviously, a heightened appreciation for that piece of art. And, like the obsessive bastard I tried to downplay myself as, it only made me dig deeper into his catalogue for more. And with such a discovery, I’ve come to find out a few things. 1. That he’s had an impressive career. 2. He’s made more than one of these cerebral-lyrics, creative videoed efforts. I may be totally wrong with this assertion, especially to more die-hard fans, but that gateway song of his was what I believe the anthesis of his efforts. Not that he’s peaked, but it is, again, my opinion, the culmination of his body of work. Some people could nefariously paint it in the shade of one-hit-wonder, but that’s what I’m alluding to.

Everyone has their shining point; the place where it can get no better (conversely, it doesn’t have to get worse). I’m looking to have that in whatever I write, since this is the chosen medium. I’d like to have an impressionable young mind read what I write and it stick with them for years to come. It shapes their perception, refines their character, inspires their own creativity. I wouldn’t mind being obsessed over, if the results are fruitful and non-stalkerish. I’m looking to make such an impact like a… (wait for it…)


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