Hack Route

I was in the shower, and all at once it hit me. Am I taking the preset hack route? What I mean by that, is that it seems as though almost EVERY writer creates a blog for the sake of… You know, I really don’t know why? I feel like a lemming right now. I’d started one a little over two years ago, and I did not have it in me to contribute to it on a semi, semi-regular basis. And, of what I did manage to hammer out, it all seemed to come from a contrite, pretentious, un-ironic space.

Back to the shower… As I was washing this mass of lamb’s wool that is my hair, I had to ask myself why am I doing this. Why am I doing this…? I find myself at a loss for a viable response. However, I do see that I am contributing to it more than the last, that’s for sure. But, even as I’m punching out these keystrokes, I then ask myself is it a hack route…? Perhaps. Maybe not. I guess it’s all perception, huh? If I were to drill down, I should then challenge by questioning, am I a hack? I guess not when total strangers have referred to my writing as Walt Whitman-esque.

This could possibly be the steps a writer with talents that are less than stellar would take in the handbook of “What Makes A Credible Wrier,” as for me, I’m just getting things out (albeit, it could be done in a not-so-exposing journal, but I digress). I had a great teacher way back in high school who encouraged us to ferret. This was back when I was on the cusp of knowing how artful I was with stringing along a few words. However, I am taken back to that moment, how important that exercise was. This is what this is for me. Hell, I guess I found my answer, and I didn’t have to search for it from some self-help book or have some more seasoned vet at a writer’s circle pass such a nugget of wisdom along. This is for me… for Mary Kay.

Thanks teach!


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