The dish washer just went off, and all at once there was a stark silence.

That’s not the beginning a story of mine (although, I guess it could be…) it’s what has actually happened. Save for the rain that I can faintly detect, and the fan cooling my always-overworking computer, there is a… serene quiet about the place. Quintessential environment to write. Order of business: blog entry. Check. A round of emails, and glib Facebook posts. Sure. Next, perhaps pound a few paragraphs between several manuscripts that are totally done, but like a scab I can’t help to pick at, there I am. I could also delve into something that I haven’t opened in years, see where my mind goes with it.

So many possibilities… Such the quintessential moment to explore.

My mind is sharp, my (horrendously appearing, however surprisingly effective) typing fingers are cracked and at the ready. Time to make words turn into worlds.


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