In my constant resolve to not be stagnant while I watch the paint dry, I’ve been branching out, vetting both beta readers and more economical editors. My feelers from both wells have returned nothing but positive feedback. I’m going to cite parts of an email I received, leaving out the “boring parts.”

Dear C,

Since it’s April first, I should say there’s no April Fool’s joke hidden in this letter 🙂 It took me a while to get used to your style, but I’m liking your story…

Your writing strikes me as kind of Walt Whitman-esque, with a touch of noir. I think I’ve picked up your rhythm…

This is a good story, with a very personal touch…

Nice… The top of the year started out absolutely horrendous for me. Unimaginable, and nothing that I would even wish upon those who had a hand in perpetrating such rue. Time will turn it into comedy, of that I’m sure. In the meantime, it did make me face something I wouldn’t have otherwise. And that today is the day to start walking in my destiny. Not a delusion, but D-E-S-T-I-N-Y. Ever since I could remember, I was told from friends and strangers alike that I had talent. On the flip side, I was also given the harsh reality of what happens if you step into the world looking to eat from your talent. Life is a gamble, sure. But, who better to gamble on, than you…? Especially if it had been confirmed, time and time again, of your undeniable ability? I guess being a conscientious father who happened upon a gig with an established cooperation that I was certainly under qualified for caused me to be lulled into a false sense of security. Golden handcuffs, yeah? However, after nearly eight years, I was unapologetically shown the door. Did it hurt, hell yes it did!!! But, it also gave me the opportunity to face a very real truth: that inasmuch as it fiscally provided for me and my girls, it was eroding my soul.

And now, here I stand on the precipice of a new venture. A scary place. But, so long as I not only continue to refine my craft, but REACH OUT TO PEOPLE DAMNIT, soon it’ll all make sense… And it starts with one stranger at a time.


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