I’m sorry

I started this thing with the express intent to post (semi) regularly. Good or bad. Most of my inattentiveness stemmed from my feeling of speaking in an echo chamber. Alone. However, it wasn’t, nor should it be at this juncture, about active engagement of an audience. If such comes, it comes. It’s about my personal … More I’m sorry

Oh, Steve…

Oh my God. It only took one YouTube video and the subsequent comment section to realize how many conspiracy theorists were out in this world! Look, I’m not above buying into when something is amiss, believe me, but WHY WOULD THE CLEVELAND INCIDENT BE STAGED!?!? And don’t give me that “to serve the higher purpose of keeping … More Oh, Steve…

Pending Justice

The employer’s decision was final – conferred by all the decision-makers involved in coming to such a determination; supported by any executive officer who was placed on notice. It seemingly held up under the scrutiny of outside arbitrators and investigators. Certainly, it would withstand come what other inquirers. Or, would it…? Indianapolis, IN: Tuesday, April … More Pending Justice


I challenged the notion of introducing nonsexist clauses as part of contemporary speech on the basis of an example given in the textbook for the class I’m taking; where it suggests substituting the word mankind for humankind. Human, although a gender-neutral assignment, still retains the root word man essentially the masculine assignment. In my opinion, … More Honestly